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Title: You Were
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Tim and Steph, former Tim/Steph
Rating: All
Word Count: 302
Prompt: He never told her how he dealt with her death.

Sometimes, he just watches her. She can feel his eyes on her, when she laughs and runs and especially when she trains, that silent intensity that always made the back of her neck itch.

Finally, one day, she tosses him an irritated glance, and he looks sheepish; she gets a glimpse of the cheerfully awkward boy he used to be. She resists the urge to kiss him, because they aren't there yet, and might never be again.

Besides, she's supposed to be annoyed.

"If you're so worried I'm gonna mess up - "

"It's not that." He can't quite meet her eyes as he speaks. That's more like the Tim she knows now.

"Then what is it?" Her voice is softer now, gentle as she comes closer.

He looks up, and she's afraid that wall he's built so carefully will have slammed down again - but no, she sees guilt and grief, plain on his face.

"When I thought you were gone...I kept thinking - why didn't I appreciate it more? Your voice. The way - your body moves. ...Your right hook." The slightest of smiles, which she haltingly returns.

"I missed it. All of it. Not that I ever - I didn't even fight for your case, Steph, I didn't - "

"Hey, who wants a giant reminder of their dead ex around, huh?" Her voice only trembles a little. She's surprised when Tim fiercely shakes his head.

"You weren't just my - friend, you were Robin. But all of us just tried to forget. And turned out you were just the first." They're back now, the ghosts that darken his eyes and dog his steps, but finally, finally there's an opening into all the pain he wraps himself in.

She can't kiss Tim Drake, but she can hug him.

Title: Choices
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Tim/Steph, Leslie
Rating: All
Word Count: 504
Prompt: The one where Tim was in the hospital to see Steph 'die'...and Leslie told him about her plan to whisk Steph away to Africa.

"Was I ever really Robin?"

It breaks his heart; not only her question, but her voice. So faint and small, nothing like Stephanie was or ever should be.

But it is, because she's dying, and it's all their fault. All his fault.

His hand clings to hers as he tells her that yes, of course she was Robin, and she was magnificent.

She tells him she wasn't. That she failed.

Something like rage burns in his chest, tearing it apart from the inside.

He starts when he feels Leslie's hand on his shoulder, and he stares up at her with wide eyes. She looks so kind beyond the tears, why does she looks so kind?

"It's all right."

"No it isn't." His voice cracks, and he hates it because Bats don't do that, but he isn't one, might never be again. "She's going to die. She's - I love her and she's going to die and if I'd just - "

"Hush. Come sit with me."

He stares at her, before letting his hand drop, and it hurts that Steph's is too limp to hang on, to make him stay. He numbly follows Leslie to a spare bed, letting weak legs finally crumple as he slumps down on it.

Again, Leslie's hand goes to his shoulder, and he wants to jerk away from the gentle touch, because he doesn't deserve it, because Stephanie is -

"She's not going to die, Tim."

The words ring in his ears, tearing through his thoughts and confusing everything.

"I - what? You said - she looks - the -"

"All to make Bruce think so." Leslie squeezes his shoulder. "It's very bad, and it will take her a long time to recover. But I can save her. I just don't want him to know that."

Something like hope is blooming inside his chest, shining through the confusion.

"But..." His mind works feverishly through the haze of grief and guilt that's slowly clearing. "You want it to hurt."

After a moment, she nods. She looks very tired. "He's done a great disservice to this girl. I think we both know that." Slowly, reluctantly, Tim nods. "I want him to think twice before he puts another person - another child - through this."

"But...why tell me?" Now it's Leslie who looks surprised.

"I almost didn't, before I realised how horrid that would be. You - you didn't put her here, Timothy." Her gaze turns hard. "I hope I can trust you to keep our secret. Between the three of us."

He doesn't quite meet her eyes when he asks what he must. "Where are you taking her?"

She considers him for a moment, and then, "Africa."

He's about to make a vital decision, one he can never take back. He's already decided which crimes he'd be committing. He'd be working against Batman, against Bruce, betraying his trust.

It's not what a Bat would do.

"Was I ever really Robin?"

"No. Failed. Wasn't good enough."

"We should let her mother know."

Title: Partnership
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Dick/Barbara, Jim Gordon
Rating: All
Word Count: 195
Prompt: AU. "I'm not a cop, dad, I'm a criminologist."

"I'm just saying, Barbara, cops and vigilantes – "

"I'm not a cop, dad, I'm a criminologist."

He gives her that look, that weary, exasperated glare he gets whenever she argues semantics. It's gotten quite a work out over the years.

She's no more daunted by it than she was as a teenager fresh off the train to Gotham.

"You and Batman have a good working relationship. Relatively speaking. And Nightwing has been a great help, turns out he can do more than backflips." And he makes her laugh. Not many people make her laugh, any more.

"I've seen the way he looks at you, Barbara."

She cocks an eyebrow. "Through the mask?"

Here comes that glare again. "And you look right back. It's not - "

"Safe, sensible, and secure? As Gordons always are. It's why we've gotten so far, after all."

Her father sighs, and shakes his head, and she just catches a glimpse of a smile.

The next night, Barbara will debate crime theory with Nightwing, and he'll teach her a double back flip, and together they'll make the world a better place.

One day, she'll even tell him she knows his name.

Title: From the Ashes
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Barbara, Jason, Tim; hint of Barbara/Jason/Tim
Rating: All
Word Count: 217
Prompt: AU. She regrets on not making them Birds sooner.

Barbara watches Jason and Tim give the training room a vigorous work out, and muses that she really should have done this sooner.

Jason's moves are smoother now, less brutal and more focused. He's still a ferocious force, a whirlwind of red and gold, but it is not a desperate fury, simmering and seething and eating him from the inside. He fights with a cooler fire now, and it burns all the brighter.

He is destruction, to be sure; he is also creation.

Tim stands tall again, smiling faintly beneath his cowl as he darts between Jason's blows, mind working as fast as his feet. He's a sprinting shadow in his sleek dark costume.

He's not outrunning his history now; he's running to the future.

She shouldn't have let them fall so far before helping them fly again. But, as she keeps telling them, the past is the past and the present needs saving.

"Phoenix! Swift! I've got a new lead on that drug ring." They stop abruptly, gazing intently at the screen as they listen to her briefing.

Then Tim nods curtly, Jason salutes cockily, and she sends them off, confident that the world will be better for it.

She's missed that feeling. It's nice to have her Birds again.

In every sense of the word.