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Title: Surveillance
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Barbara and Dinah, Babs/Dinah
Rating: All
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Dinah/Babs, watching her sleep

She tells herself she's just checking in.

That's why there are cameras in Dinah's home, after all - just in case. In their business, danger can strike at any moment. It can shatter dreams and breed nightmares.

It's not because of the way Dinah sprawls on her bed, covers tossed aside, golden slip of a thing barely covering her in the dim light. It's not because of her soft, peaceful features, untouched by fury or guilt or fear. It's not because the sight of her, safe and secure, calms Barbara's mind and warms her chest.


She's just checking in.

Title: Run
Fandom: DCU
Rating: All
Word Count: 396
Prompt: Dick/Babs, AU!, WWI

Her first thought, when she awakes in the vigilant chaos of the medical tent, is that she's been discovered. She can't remember why she's here, but she knows she has to get out, has to –

She can't feel her legs. When she looks down, she sees stumps wrapped hastily in blood-soaked bandages.

Suddenly, nothing else seems to matter. Not the hoarse cries from the crowded beds, not the memories of machine guns tearing through her as she pushes her men aside, not the fraught nurses too busy to stare.

Exhausted by agony and despair, she drifts into fitful sleep.

She wakes again to the light, familiar footsteps of Private Grayson.

Everyone knows young Richard, the boy who ran away from the circus and found a war, the charming orphan who dances ruthlessly across the battlefield. Barbara herself taught him to shoot, politely ignoring his obvious attraction to his unit commander. So many thought he'd be dead come the new year, but he's proven himself again and again.

She's the one whose life, for all intents and purposes, has ended. She'll be placed under military arrest, that much is certain. She can hardly run away.

Still, her voice is level when she speaks, if dry and rough. "Hello, Boy Wonder." She chuckles bitterly when he salutes. "No need for that anymore."

He doesn't quite meet her eyes, but he speaks firmly. "I'd have to disagree – ma'am. And I'm not the only one."

She suddenly realises she's been transferred; the tent is quiet and bare, and the only medical officer – ah. Rachel Roth. She'd made quick friends with Dick – quick for her, at least – and Barbara had always admired her calm intensity.

Grayson steps aside, then, and Barbara immediately recognises Hal Jordon, one of their fighter pilots. She knows Dick is close with his enlisted nephews, Roy and Wally, but her mind, dulled with drugs and shock, is slow to comprehend what it all means.

"The plane is ready for you to steal." Jordan's words are hushed, but almost amused. "You'll need to carry her, Grayson."

A shy smile touches his lips, one she's always found endearing.

He strides forward, leaning down. "If you don't mind…your name isn't Roger, I think?"

She finds herself smiling up at him. She knows she won't make a habit of being carried, but she can stand this exception.

"Barbara. Call me Barbara."

Title: Birdwatching
Fandom: DCU/BtVS
Characters: Giles, Dawn
Rating: All
Word Count: 221
Prompt: Giles, Buffy, Faith, and Dawn, Batman and the first 3 Robins.

He hadn't planned on recruiting Buffy's younger sister. He had not, in fact, planned on recruiting anyone at all, not after Faith. Rough, wild, beautiful Faith, foul mouth and big heart, dead defending the father who'd abandoned her.

But Dawn had come to him. Apparently she went to Buffy first, shocked the hell out of her with what she knew; apparently little Dawnie saw more than anyone ever thought. The girl had got it into her head that he needed a partner, that he was falling without one.

Buffy refused, of course. She had her own identity now, leading her Titans - Xander the changeling, Willow the cyborg, Angel the demon, Tara the Amazon, Anya the alien.

So Dawn marched herself up to his manor (taking time to comment that it was more an enormous library than anything) and told him she wanted to be Robin.

He would have simply refused, but he knew very well she was fool enough to start prowling the night on her own. And no matter what she thought, watching her sister train wasn't enough.

So he agreed to train her. He hadn't intended to ever put her in that costume, and she knew it.

So, naturally, she made a different one.

"See how this one has pants, Giles? Seriously, you shouldn't let Buffy design things."

Title: and her nightmare
Fandom: Young Avengers
Characters: Kate Bishop
Rating: All
Word Count: 194
Prompt: Kate Bishop, encountering the guy who assaulted her during a routine patrol

They've split up tonight, as they often do when there isn't a crisis to handle. Any of them can handle the common criminals prowling the night. Kate strides easily through the dim streets, confident and wary, swift and quiet.

She glimpses him out of the corner of her eye, and she stops.

She doesn't freeze. She doesn't stumble. She simply stops, and turns, and confirms his identity. Yes, that's the face seared into her memories with pain and shame and rage. That's the face she remembers whenever her hands brush the scars no one else can see.

He was bigger in her nightmares.

He's with a girl, younger than she had been, staggering beside him with empty eyes. When he notices her, he looks, and stares.

Not with the predatory gleam that had made her feel like a victim. Not with the salacious smile that had turned her stomach.

He looks anxious and tense. He looks like any other criminal caught in the act.

She realises, with distant surprise, that she doesn't feel scared. She doesn't feel vulnerable. She has no reason to.

Hawkeye strides forward and her nightmare shrinks back, and she smiles.

Title: No More Heroes
Fandom: Animorphs
Characters: Cassie
Rating: All
Word Count: 198
Prompt: Animorphs, any, No More Heroes

The world is a frenzy of gratitude and questions, medals and madness. The Animorphs are a secret no longer, but a sensation.

Above it all, in blessed silence, Cassie sits on the peak of a mountain and remembers.

In the beginning, they wanted to be heroes, if only because there was no one else. Some of them - and a wry smile touches her lips - were more idealistic than others. But they were all convinced of their righteousness, the knights against the monsters.

She remembers Jake making his first sacrifice as a leader. She remembers Rachel losing herself in the frenzy of violence. She remembers Tobias learning to be a predator. She remembers Marco's ruthless strategies and Ax's solitary vengeance and David, oh, she remembers David.

She remembers seeing the desperate children they used as a diversion, and watching them fall. She remembers Toby's grief and Erek's condemnation. She remembers everyone they couldn't save.

She remembers tearing out throats and clawing out eyes and the broken bodies of aliens they didn't yet see as people. She remembers Aftran, and Illim, and a Yeerk Pool draining into space.

In the end, there were no more heroes. Only soldiers.