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Jun. 27th, 2017 11:11 am
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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

In the US, the new Healthcare scheme is being co-ordinated and planned in such cloak and dagger stealth and secrecy that the planning of the D-Day landings look like an information free for all by comparison.

The Supreme Court upheld, sort of, Trump's travel ban, until it's review later in the year, so we'll see how that one goes.

The British PM finalised a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (a party more regressive than even her own Tory Party are) to shore up her minority Government for Brexit, and the cost of this compeltely cynical move? A snip at £1 billion pounds. And this from a PM who told a nurse that the Public Sector pay cap of 1% had to stay because "We don't have a magic money tree"... yeah, right.

A new mini-version of the Super Nintendo is being released in September for $80

This weeks Doctor Who, the first of the two part season finale (and last regular story for Peter Capaldi) was pretty damn awesome... especially if (like one lucky friend) you had managed to avoid ALL spoilers, because the reveals were very, VERY impressive. And even if you knew what they were, they were still capable of holding an emotional gut-punch.

Missy was a delight, in her trying to be good, but not really having the right attitude for it. (Oddly, and I only realise this as I typed that last sentence, in some ways reminiscent of Capaldi's early stories, where his social skills were... distinctly lacking and he ponders over whether he's a GOOD man)

The Cybermen should always reflect a degree of body horror of course, but I can't recall anything on this scale before (The proto-Cyberman screaming "Pain!" repeatedly and endlessly through it's voicebox, until a nurse comes along to tend to it... by turning the volume on the voicebox down... That's just HORRIBLE)

My one serious concern is that Bill does not end up being a victim of the reprehensible "dead lesbian" trope in TV drama, but I'm hoping that Moffatt's tendency to NOT kill characters will shine through and it might end up being something to do with why he's seen regenerating at the start of the episode. Am REALLY jazzed for the finale!

And to shift slightly more ON topic (which I really do try NOT to do), it's the last week of Pride Month, and whilst we may not have had a theme devoted to it, since EVERY month is Pride Month on scans_daily (Well, it is if we're doing it right), a big shout out to all members who identify on the delightful rainbow which is the LGBTQIA spectrum! You are all welcome, you are all celebrated and if some of you want to post scans on the topic, then fly my pretties, FLY!
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Conflict is needed for drama. And in a group, there is that one character who is around just to cause conflict with the other characters. WEST COAT AVENGERS #69 is an example of when there are two characters there just to cause conflict, and what happens when they fight each other.

Story by Roy Thomas, with art by Paul Ryan.


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The Hood #3

Jun. 26th, 2017 01:04 pm
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Only possible trigger warning for this issue is some blood.Read more... )
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I can't believe it's taken the show more than fifty years to use that title. Teaspoon has ... okay, only four fics using it. That's less than I expected.


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Comics don’t rip off pop culture anywhere near enough any more. Krypto and Ace the Bat-Hound happened because of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD happened because of James Bond and the Man from UNCLE. Comics used to omnivorously devour whatever was popular and make it part of the mix. Usually two years too late, but they were in there trying. Kung fu popular? Have some kung fu heroes! Blaxploitation? Gotcha covered. But at some point, greedily chasing trends started to be frowned on. And the Big Two comics got to be a lot more about maintaining the old stuff than chasing the new. I think that was a point when comics lost a lot of vitality. If Pokemon had happened in 1965, there’d be a Spider-Man villain today named Monsteroso, who hunted & trapped monsters he used to do crimes. -- Kurt Busiek

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"You don't wear your strongest influences like a shirt, something you take on and off as you like. You wear those influences like your skin. For me, Ray Bradbury is that way. From the time I was twelve to the time I was twenty-two, I read every Bradbury novel and hundreds of Bradbury short stories, many of them two and three times. Teachers came and went; friends ran hot and cold; Bradbury, though, was always there, like Arthur Conan Doyle, like my bedroom, like my parents. When I ruminate about October, or ghosts, or masks, or faithful dogs, or children and their childish frightening games, every thought I have is colored by what I learned about these things from reading Ray Bradbury. One of Bradbury's most famous collections is The Illustrated Man, which features a man tattooed with a countless number of Ray's stories, a man who walks through life carrying all those stories on his back. I relate."
-- Joe Hill

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Jun. 25th, 2017 01:48 am
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So because of watching Critical Role (currently at like...87 eps in), doing something I haven't done in about a decade.

I'm looking at some of my old writing materials, namely the stuff I had for Cedric and Sevarius.

I do it for reasons. But really...I've just been so starved for doing anything creative, and watching just how fucking brilliant Matt Mercer's been with crafting his world, and how the others are equally brilliant in flavoring the world... I just couldn't help wondering what would happen if I revisited things. Of anything I've written, this world is the one I've poured the most energy into for years.

I'm frustrated that I can't find certain materials of mine, and I KNOW I had other versions of documents and things, but thanks to old entries and what I have been able to salvage, I've found a lot. (Though annoyingly, not my fucking map of the world, and that frustrates me the most. Once I find the damn plug for the oldest harddrive, I can...maybe hope I put it there. It's not on photobucket or LJ. Or my old Dell.)

But I want to see how well this world adapts into a D&D setting. I have a pantheon of gods. I can easily insert magic and other races in (though I did see an old note of mine that said that the world was largely non-magical... Joke's on me.) I think it could work, and I can see how others would shape my world as I'm sharing it with them. What would they do to influence events? I have wars brewing between countries, a kingdom that would be beautiful if it weren't for a fucked up king, fucked up military, and a lot of other fucked up things. How would these other characters influence Cedric's actions? Would they befriend him? What will they do when they meet Sevarius? Will they someday get to battle the god who most harmed Sevarius and put him in his current disembodied state? Will their adventures restore a balance to the world that it hasn't seen for thousands of years?

Will they live past their first encounter?

I think part of me is...frightened--no, petrified--that I won't be able to put to word what I see in my head and leave them confused. What if I absolutely suck at it? Never mind my fear about the D&D system itself. I've only ever played a one-shot and that was a few years ago. And there is just so much information that I'd have to keep track of. (I have pdfs of things and I'm slowly learning how things work but I wouldn't mind having something physical I toss copious amounts of bookmarks into.'s one thing to be a mod for a text rp game like Luministi. Would I be able to make things cool? Can I get over this crippling easily-embarrassed shit that I have when I try to do voices and shit and just do it to give NPCs a different sound (and later keep their voices straight?) What about monster noises? What about being like, "okay, do a ___ check," and shit like that? When to do it and when not and what if people don't really want to RP? What would each of them want to do?

It's my goal to have the characters start off together with some kind of rapport or familiarity with each other for some reason or another. It'd be easier for people to play together, I think, instead of being like, "hmm, okay but I don't trust you and might shank you at the first chance if you do x thing."

I don't know. My whole everything is like, "Are you insane? You've never, NEVER, never shown any inclination towards any of this. Why now? What the fuck is wrong with you?" But...I really do blame Critical Role. It's one of the only things I've gotten into in recent times that is like, "here is this world, and here's the story, and surprise, there's a character here you'll REALLY identify with on a lot of things and you'll fall in love with these assholes." I haven't felt that from things I absolutely love, like Star Wars Rebels (the SW world is so vast and varying and contradicting, it's like getting into DW all over again), RvB (we'll simply never know about many things and that frustrates me to no end), RWBY (same thing here; an unfortunately annoying trend with RT's storytelling), actually pretty much all of RT's fiction can fall here, and Overwatch (the curse of a multi-player with a company that can afford to stretch story out over YEARS, though our story is only in such tiny chunks that it's like consuming a chocolate chip and trying to imagine how fantastic it'd taste with the cookie it could've been in), and motherfucking Destiny (I will forever love Destiny, but I will never cease to be frustrated with you on so many levels).

In comparison, CR simply opened its hand and was like, "hey, come with us, you're going to be in for a ride. Trust me," and I'm getting to take it with thousands who love these voice actors and just how brilliant they can be. (I think a part of me is jealous of the camaraderie they have. This group of beautifully nerdy voice actor friends get to meet up once a week for something they've been doing for a couple years and just having fun discovering the next chapter together. I would kill for something like that...)

I don't know, it's a weird mix of fright and wanting to chicken out mixed with a desire to do something bold and step out of my comfort zone. I haven't really felt that in a long, long time. I want to do them proud, but I want to do me proud too. I want to make it enjoyable for everyone.

And hopefully Ced's world will be a way to do it.

I don't know what kind of encounters I should have at the ready if they're needed, and I have NO idea what all dice a DM would even use (I highly doubt a simple set like the one I have is enough. I mean hell, I only JUST learned how to read a d4 and the two different d10s. I just know I have to get them past this sample one-shot. See how they like the world. See how I like doing it, and how the players like playing it. The whole thing sounds so big and small at the same time...

I just know I don't want to fail. And I want the others to have some level of fun.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to aside from work and watching Critical Role. This is a slow burn of a crazy idea that is still budding, and with me, that's a good sign. But for now...I need to draw up some maps of the local area and nearby towns/kingdoms/etc so I'll have an idea of what's what when...I talk to people about doing it while Mecchan is over.

We'll see what comes of it. (And if anyone even sees this. I don't mind if anyone doesn't. I just needed to spew these thoughts before bed.)

EDIT: FOUND MY FUCKING MAP. Granted, it's not the superduper awesome colored version but this is all I needed. I've got my world. I think shit is gonna get interesting from here.

The Hood #2

Jun. 24th, 2017 08:09 pm
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Last time, petty crook Parker Robbins kicked the crap out of a Hydra recruiter, shot a demony-looking character in the midst of a break-in, and discovered the boots he stole from its corpse allowed him the power of flight.

Trigger warnings for racism, sexist language, gore, and a reference to rape.Read more... )
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He'd gone to the arena with his slave Bran.

He'd found a lead in his investigations, a gladiator's memento.

He watched the gladiator in question, Achillia, win another of her matches.

He went down to confront her. )

James Bond 007: Service

Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:14 pm
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It’s explicitly a book about fading Empire. M16’s roots are in World War 2, and the core of the plot reaches back to there. What is Britain’s place in the world now? What does being British even mean? In a real way, it is a post-Brexit Bond. -- Kieron Gillen

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